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Construction Recruitment

We are a recruitment business offering a highly friendly and consultative approach to professionals who appreciate the discretion and expertise that we offer.

We cover a variety of job functions, from foreman through to director level and operate across the following sectors within the built environment: architecture & design, building services, fit-out, health & safety, building/construction, civils and housing.

We have a diverse client base of varying sizes to include main contractors, specialist sub-contractors, construction and project management organisations.

We recruit blue and white collar roles all over the UK through our excellent network of candidates and clients.

Blue Collar

A blue-collar worker is a person who performs manual labour. Blue-collar work may involve skilled or unskilled labour. The type of work may involve manufacturing, warehousing, and power plant operations, electrical, construction and maintenance. This does exclude driving, trucking and many other types of physical work. Blue-collar work often involves something being physically built or maintained.

White Collar

In contrast, the white-collar worker typically performs work in an office environment and may involve sitting at a computer or desk. Many occupations although some professionals may be paid by the project or salaried. There are a wide range of pay scales for such work depending upon field of specialty and experience.