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Recruitment Process

Alongside finding the correct candidates for you, our aim is to guarantee all candidates are dedicated to the recruitment process and we take accountability for managing candidate commitment, interview availability and attendance and also we will take responsibility for 'offer' acceptance and supporting you with onboarding.

We like to have 12 months reviews with our clients to ensure that we’re completely up to date with our understanding of your business and requirements to guarantee we are acting as the best possible brand ambassador for your organisation.

We appreciate every company is unique and in order that we can add value to you, we like to develop a strong understanding of your company, culture, and values in order that we can identify candidates that have the right skills and experience, who will be the perfect fit with your company.

We find we add the most value when both sides embrace honest two-way communication. We are well placed to advise and support our clients with market intelligence as well as the wider recruitment and onboarding process. We’ll challenge your processes, in the right way, so that we leave no stone unturned when looking for the best talent to join your organisation.

We take your specific requirements and search across our specific industry networks to find the right candidates for you ensuring that all methods of candidate attraction are thoroughly covered, including bringing a pro-active focus through headhunting to ensure we’re giving you access to the best possible candidates.

Temporary Recruitment

There are a variety of reasons why you might consider hiring a temporary worker instead of a permanent employee. This could be to cover staff absences due to holidays, sickness, parental leave. Also, to provide support to your existing team during busy periods, eg following marketing campaigns or during periods when there is an upsurge in work.

Best Ways To Increase Your Temporary Hiring Process:

Advanced Planning

Many companies leave the hiring process until they need them to start, which can make the whole recruitment process stressful and hectic. Though this can’t always be avoided, planning can make the whole idea easier.

Do you have times where you are traditionally busier?

Spending time going through your likely future needs means you can brief your recruitment partner in advance, giving you the best chance of connecting with the best talent.

You will also need to choose whether you need a temporary worker working on an adhoc basis or working to a fixed-term contract.

Don’t forget that the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) state that any agency worker who reaches 12 constant weeks in a role is entitled to the same pay and benefits as any comparable permanent employee.

Industry Specific Agencies

Using a recruitment partner can greatly improve your odds of finding a temporary worker but giving them a good job description is a vital part, you will have a proper idea for the role, with a set pay scale. This will avoid wasting everyone’s time with unsuitable candidates.

A specialist like Connect Recruit will have expert knowledge of the sector and current recruitment trends they recruit within and they will be able to give advice about how realistic your hopes are. If budgets are very tight, you could consider hiring for soft skills like enthusiasm and reliability and train up your temp in anything they will need in the role.

Act Fast

For temps, being out of work means not earning, so they prefer to have their next job covered while they are still in a role. To ensure this, temps usually accept any offer that meets their main requirements around salary and travel.

If you have a long recruitment process, or delay making an offer, your desired candidate is likely to be gone and you’ll have to either accept a candidate not as suitable or start the whole recruitment process wasting more money and time. This can damage both your organisation’s efficiency and the morale of your team.

Connect Recruit have a network of available temp staff with experience within specific sectors so we can help you to fill your jobs fast with the best worker for the role.


Just as you do with your permanent staff, going through a planned induction for temporary staff can avoid difficulties in the future and get them up to speed. Ideally, you want to get your temp settled in and working as quickly as possible.

A member of staff should be designated to meet them as they arrive and run through a checklist of essential items, including:

  • Who they report to and who can help them if they have trouble?
  • Working space and the location of toilets etc.
  • Company procedures and policies
  • Working hours
  • Dress code
  • Guidelines on mobile usage during working hours