24 Jan 2022

Want To Increase Email Marketing?

You need excellent data without losing the human element to help you take advantage of the data you have. Why do you need great customer data?, it tells you everything you need to know to get into the minds of your customers – and generate a fresh marketing approach. 

In a nutshell, customer data is worth its weight in gold. You may have more of it than you think: 

How many repeat customers do you have?

Then you know the best times to contact them – or when they go quiet – with all the information needed to customise and get your communications noticed.

Which of your products/services do they buy?

Broaden their buying habits with themed emails, cross-sell or make connected recommendations.

Who is your key and most engaged customers?

Consider emailing them with VIP rewards or start up a loyalty scheme with advantages that upsell or ensure your business stays front of mind as a go-to end point.

Where do you lose customers in the purchasing process?

This gives you that extra go get them spirit for tackling the particular reason.

How many people regularly open your marketing emails?

These are your warm leads. Time to ramp up your email objectives. Don’t let them go cold on you. Marketing automation can help massively with this. marketing automation is opening up so many more possibilities for regular email engagement to then go on a defined, personalised journey.

7 SOURCES To hook you up with the right data:

•    Google Analytics
•    Google Search Console
•    Google AdWords
•    Social Media onboard analytics portals (I ❤ LinkedIn)
•    YouTube analytics
•    Marketing Automation Dashboard (if you have one)
•    CRM Analytics


•    To get a leading edge over your competitors
•    Invaluable marketing insights to target new customers
•    More ways to personalise your current content and broaden its reach
•    New and innovative ways to segment audiences


3 BIG IMPACTS – Why consumer data and email marketing is vital

•    90% of content marketers say email engagement is the top metric they track to measure content performance.
•    76% increase in revenue for marketers who use segmented campaigns
•    35% of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week – how does your CRM compare?



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